Gortite Protective Covers

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Gortite bellows, roll up and telescopic type covers provide a variety of protective covering for cylinder rods and shafts, actuating screws, machine ways and linear rails, to name a few. Other uses include flexible connections, expansion joints and camera bellows. The industries we serve are machine tools, medical and dental equipment, photographic equipment, material handling and packaging machinery, plastics machinery and transportation vehicles. 

Gortrac Cable and Hose Carrier Systems

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Cable and hose carrier systems are constructed from steel, nylon, or a combination of materials. Our products are designed for a variety of applications from light duty commercial applications to steel mills. Gortrac manufactures open and enclosed cable and hose carriers to meet your application requirements.


Gortite Roll Up Doors

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A&A Manufacturing has designed and built roll up doors for machinery for over 30 years. A&A is a leading manufacturer of custom roll up doors for fire trucks, emergency vehicles, and other specialty applications.

Polyclutch Slip Clutches

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For over half a century Polyclutch has been one of the leading innovators within the power transmission industry, known for its quality manufacturing of precision miniature mechanical slip clutches. Throughout the years, Polyclutch has successfully developed mechanical and pneumatic clutch systems that combine our unique clutch products with appropriate small motors.

LSI Lead Screws

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LSI designs, manufactures and repairs lead screws, ball screws and ACME screws to customers’ specific needs. LSI specializes in the production and repair of following types of screws:

  • Precision ground ball screw assemblies
  • Commercial grade ball screw assemblies
  • Acme screw assemblies
  • Specialty threading applications, either English or Metric

Ro-lab Custom Molded Rubber & Urethane Products

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Ro-Lab is a leading custom mixing and molding company specializing in engineered polymers since 1978.  Ro-Lab specializes in the production of polyurethane and rubber based components that require:

  • Close tolerance molding (RMA-A1 when necessary)
  • Accurate alignment of metal inserts and polymers
  • Strict control of material composition and purity
  • Immaculate appearance (RMA-F1 finish when required)
  • Unusual sizes: very thin, large parts, long lengths
  • Continuous press cure for long, flat, heavy sheets

Halltech GmBH

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Headquartered in Schwaig, Germany, near Munich, Halltech is a leading provider of machine protection products in Germany and in Europe.  Halltech offers a broad portfolio of products such as: steel covers, bellows, coolant hoses, telescopic springs, and wipers.

MFB Technik

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MFB Technik Schillig GmbH & Co. KG is a leader in the production of bellows and protective covers for machine tools. MFB offers a broad portfolio of bellows, such as flex bellows, multi-flex bellows, duct bellows and injection molded bellows, as well as folding aprons and way covers.